Mt. Hunter - Getting there.
Sarah closely guarding the bunkhouse quesedias.
Aleksey Shuruyev demonstrating the training techniques that help make Russian climbers so tough.
Fred Becky, who has been coming to the Alaska range for 50 years, comes back for more.

A cultural exchange at the TAT bunkhouse in Talkeetna, Alaska.

Vincent (France), models a sausage (Italian) for Alex (Russian) while Armond (USA) sips cognac (France).

You are never to old to have a second childhood.

 Aerial view of our future Basecamp, Minibike Hill and Advanced Base Camp just off of the Kahiltna Glacier.

 Surmon on the mountain.

Lorne reads aloud from "The Corrections" while Armond breathes it all in.


Armond flying his 8.8m2 "Android" NASA wing with Mt. Foraker in the background.

 Lorne connecting with a Higher Power at the end of a great kite session on the Kahiltna Glacier.
Wheddie checking out our future line up the Ramen Couloir, along the ridge and over to the 13,000' plateau.
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