Skiing Mt. Hunter

Starting up the Ramen Couloir at about 10:00pm on May 14th with the full moon in the background.

It was never completely dark out, but got extremely cold in the middle of the night. We climbed all night long, booting up the initial couloir, then skinning 90% of the ridge and plateau to the summit.

Sunrise on Mt. Foraker with the shadow on Denali slowing dissolving on the right hand side.

Chili dogs on the 14,573' summit of Mt. Hunter with Denali in the background.

Left to right: Armond, John, Lorne, Andrew 12:28 after we started.

May 15, 2003 09:28

From the top, with feeling.

This was a point soon after the summit turns where Lorne found a cornice that had developed a fresh crack since we had climbed over it just an hour or so earlier. We were able to skirt it around it and it stayed in place.

Mt. Foraker in the background.

The calm before the storm.

Blissful powder skiing on the 13,000' plateau.

 Getting on to the West Ridge proper, which can be seen down below. Our camps were located just above and below the jumbled icefall in the mid-left of this photo.
 Turns on the West Ridge of Mt. Hunter. These were so good that we were tempted to keep going straight down, but later saw that it was a 1,000' tall ice cliff.
 John "Wheddie" Whedon and Armond DuBuque firing off turns on the West Ridge of Mt. Hunter.
 Sideslipping the 3,000' Ramen couloir. Luckily, a cloud pulled in a parked right on top of us for this entire section, so we didn't have to look at the huge exposure below. The turns were either heavy powder, or more likely ice, so we gently picked our way down the entire slope.

Yo ho ho and a (plastic) bottle of rum!

Back at the 8,000' ABC alive and well 16.5 hours later.

 Armond working his way through the ice fall going from ABC back to Basecamp.
The end (and our Basecamp) is in sight! Lorne and Armond skiing down Minibike Hill with heavy loads.

 Topo map of our route.

Map generated from National Geographic TOPO! Alasaka State series maps.

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