Powder skiing around the Kahiltna Glacier

The icefall you can call home.

The cirque above was where our Advanced Base Camp was and had spectacular ice fall avalanches that would crash down and rip across the plateau with spectacular powder blasts.

After skiing Hunter, we still had a few days to spare, so we traveled down the Kahiltna Glacier a mile or so and set up a camp in the vicinity of Thunder Mountain.

This photo was from one of the three days we skied around the area.

Lorne and Wheddie eagerly awaiting the arrival of Lil' Kim* DuBuque.

"So, who invited this guy?"


* Names were switched to middle names, of which Armond's was Kimball, which immediately became Lil' Kim.

The skinning was spectacular, but the skiing was even better.

This is a ridge in the vicinity of Thunder Mountain that had Valdez quality flutes and snow on it, but with the turbrocharged setting of being in the Alaska range.

 Go dog go!

Lorne busting out a 41 degree skin track up a knife edge ridge.

Grinning through the final feet to the top of another great powder run.

 Lorne Glick booting up the West/Northwest couloir on Thunder Mountain.

You can just make out our skin track in the valley below and the little knob where we stopped to scope out the line. As we were there, a Cessna from K2 Aviation flew right up the valley and cleared the top of our heads by about 100', giving us a nice wing-wave as it passed by.

 Lorne carving up the NW Couloir on Thunder Mountain.
 Steep turns on puuuurrrfect corn.
 Lorne Glick nearing the top of a run right near our Base Camp.
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