The Party...

Words fail me...

Armond, uhmm, being himself.

On ward. Upward. Always higher. Always faster.
Throwing horns of thanks to Mt. Hunter on the TAT flight out.

Celebratory beers at the West Rib Bar & Grill in Talkeetna.

We had the amazing pleasure of meeting up with Fred Becky, who had done the first ascent of the line we skied (West Ridge on Hunter) over FORTY-NINE YEARS AGO! And not only that, he remembered it vividly.

 Possessed by the India Pale Ale demon.

 The damage spreads to the next table.

Until recently, Talkeetna native Nicole and her sister had the record for being the youngest girls to climb Denali.


This cheeseburger would end up splattered across the parking lot a few hours later.

 The Champ of the Evening, John Whedon.

After nine pitchers of IPA, numerous shots of tequilia and standing on top of the bar at the Fairview Inn, he was the only one to survive the night without retching.

 4.8m2 NASA wings flying in tight formation over Anchorage.
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