Enhanced NASA Parawing - Body construction (Page 2)

Step #5
Attaching the mid & lower main body panels

Pretty easy. A key thing to remember is to copy the same layup pattern as the wings - ribbon on the bottom, small part next (bottom) then the upper body. This ensures the seams will line up between the wings and the body. (see third photo)

a) Pancake ribbon, lower and upper
together. Stitch, fold over and stitch
again. This seam is on the back.

b) Sew on the lower edge of the main body. Ribbon on back, stitch, fold, stitch again.

c) The seams between the wing (left) and the body (right) should line up.

Step #6
The Nose

This is one of the hardest (fiddly) parts of the kite. I use flat shoelace material for my nose tie lines ("T" in the master cut list). Cut out four of them

a) The tie lines, aka "T." Cut four even
though the photo shows six.
b) Layout and sew the darts on the nose section (not shown). Sew the nose ties onto the back of the kite.
c) Sew the center four ribbons on with
1" ribbon ON THE BACK.
d) Fold the ribbon over and stitch it on
the front. Now you have a nice nose.
e) The hardest part. Double stick the ends of the nose ties down to the base
of the dart, put the ribbon on the bottom, nose section next, then the main body on top. Stitch together, flip over and close the seam.
f) Ahhh! The nose should now be joined to the main body with the nose ties tucked into the seams.

Step #7
Attaching the wings & body

Trim off the excess seam material, set up your tie-in tabs, measure off your A1-A11 divisions and start stitching. The order is ribbon on bottom, wing, ties then the body.

BE SURE TO ADD 4-6" OF EXTRA RIBBON TO THE TOP AND BOTTOM OF THE SEAM. This is where you get the A1 & A11 tie-in tab.

a) Hot cut the excess seam material off of the wing/body vertical seam. I use a woodburning tool.
b) Set up 10 ties on double sticky tape. Starting with 4 extra inches of ribbon, sew the wing to the main body, adding in the ties as you come to a mark

c) Ribbon on the bottom, then the wing, then the ties (stuck to the body), then the body. Standard seam. Do both sides.

d) Ta da! All sewn together. Drink
beer and marvel.

Step #8
A1 & A11 tie-in points

Take the six ribbon seams that are sticking out and measure off 2mm, another 2mm and then 3mm for the sewing. Hot cut them. Fold them over (forming a 2mm loop) and stitch them to the kite. Do this to all four.

Cut two nose tie lines. Sew one end onto A-1, measure it (same as the others AFTER they have been sewn in), give it some sewing allowance, cut it and stitch it on at the seam.

a) Measure and hotcut the tailends of
the six ribbon seams. 7mm total.

b) Stitch in a length of "T" material.

c) Measure it to be the same as all the
others, cut, sew and you are done. Now you need a bridle.

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