Articles and Photos About Andrew McLean

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Adventure Capitalist
Men' Journal - August 2007
  The 48 Greatest Skiers of Our Time
Powder Magazine - December 2006
Andrew McLean - Mountaineer
Couloir Magazine interview. December 2006
   Gear Choices from the Pros
Men's Journal Magazine
K2 Magazine Ad
Skiing in Iceland

Profile -
By Peter Potterfield

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Andrew McLean Exposed
Backcountry Magazine - October 2005

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10 Innovators
Salt Lake Magazine - September 2005

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Dangerous Game
New Yorker Magazine - Article by Nick Paumgarten, April 2005

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Thrill Daddy Dreams of Powder Dawn
Outside Magazine profile by Bruce Barcott, May 2005

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11 Reasons Not to Ski With Andrew McLean
First spread of a November 2003 Skiing Magazine article.

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Profiles -
Article by Peter Potterfield

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First Tracks on Alaska's Mt. Hunter
Backcountry Magazine article by Tracy Ross on the first descent of Mt. Hunter, AK.


couloir_cover_95 Cover of Couloir Magazine - Nov 1995
Carl Skoog photo - skiing the south face of Monte Cristo.
dawn_patrol The Dawn Patrol
Feb 2000 Rock & Ice article by Andy Dappen on Dawn Patrol skiing in the Wasatch. Photos by Carl Skoog.

Little Cottonwood Canyon
December 2000 SKI Magazine article by Michel Beaudry about skiing in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. Backcountry photos by Scott Markewitz.

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local_heros Local Heros
November 2001 Powder Magazine article by Kristen Ulmer on Utah's "Local Heros."
NatGeo_SHW Shameless Hero Worship
Article from National Geographic Adventure Magazine detailing best expeditions and athletes from 2003.

Outside Magazine - Two Page Spread on Baffin Island
November 2002 Outside Magazine article on kite/skiing trip to Baffin Island.

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outside_top25 Outside Magazine - Top 25 Outdoor Athletes
April 2000 Outside Magazine article on the top 25 outdoor athletes.
ski_mtrs_northAM Powder Magazine - Six Top Ski Mountaineers in North America
Powder Magazine - Oct 2003 Article on the "Six Best Ski Mountaineers in North America"
skid_marks Searching for Skid Marks
March 1999 Powder Magazine article based on spending a week in the Wasatch and skiing routes described in The Chuting Gallery.
Skiing_Best_of Skiing Magazine - Best Expedition of 2002
Skiing Magazine, Sept 2002 "Best of the Year" issue with Baffin Island trip being best expedition of 2002.

25 Best Skiers in North America
Skiing Magazine nominations for the 25 best skiers in North America.

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Of Steep and Steeper
Sept 2001 Skiing Magazine profile by Andy Dappen with photograph by Scott Markewitz.

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sultan_steep The Sultan of Steep
Backcountry Magazine article by Doug Ingersol entitled "The Sultan of Steep." Nov 1998
where_clmbrs_dare Where Only Climbers Dare
Climbing Magazine article
wthr_wastch Weathering the Wasatch
November 1997 Backcountry Magazine article by Andy Dappen about touring in the Wasatch. Photos by Carl Skoog.
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