The Grunge Couloir
(AKA NE Couloir of North Timpanogos)

PITCH: 62°
EXPOSURE: Northeast
ELEVATIONS: 6,000’ – 11,101’
VERTICAL: 1,200’

The name says it all. As serene and soothing as a Mud Honey concert in a hurricane. The Grunge Couloir is mainly considered a spring/summer alpine climb, but it makes a pretty good ski descent as well. The sides are lined with towering, rotting rock walls that send down a constant barrage of buzzing missiles. Most of these find their way into a five foot wide semipermanent runnel that divides the already narrow chute from top to bottom like a bowl of old pudding. Between the angle (over 60° at the top), the half-buried rocks and the runnel, there are enough objective hazards to keep even the most attention deficit disordered grunge rocker’s mind occupied.
The Grunge Couloir is located on the north side of the North Peak of Mt. Timpanogos and is best approached via Highway 92 heading toward American Fork Canyon. From the Timpanogos Caves National Monument parking area, continue approximately five to eight miles up canyon until you reach a T in the road. Take the South Fork road and follow the signs to the Timpoonoke Trailhead. Pass through a pay station and continue bearing right as you continue up the road, eventually pulling out at an unmarked but developed parking area on your left. Gear up and follow the trail for about 10 minutes to a small meadow, then follow a ridgeline up and to your right. Follow the ridge about 2,000’ to the base of the couloir. June/July are the recommended seasons and crampons and an ice axe are recommended.
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