The Hallway Couloir

PITCH: 36°
ELEVATIONS: 9-11,000'
VERTICAL: 1,800' (including The Tube)

The Hallway Couloir is an absolutely beautiful chute that is easier to ski than to find the entrance to. Until you know the way in, it’s almost best if you boot up it from below as the entrance from the ridge is very unlikely-looking and riddled with sweeping avalanche potential, cliffs and rocks. The key element is the long snaking “Tube” that runs through the woods down below the chute itself and finishes at an old abandoned mining structure on a protected bluff in the middle of a forested area (Montreal Hill).
To get into it from the top, there are three entrances: the high entrance, which would require a huge snow year to fill in and some rope work (not recommended); the middle, which involves a chute with a tight choke; and the lower entrance, which has great skiing. The middle is nice, the lower is the safest. Starting from the top of Flagstaff Peak, follow the ridgeline to the north around the head of Day’s Fork to a small summit. From here, go down the ridge about 200’–300’ and look for a sheer rock wall and some dead snags on your left. This is where you start down. The entrance is well hidden, but if you pick your way down, looking to your right for openings, you’ll find it.
The Hallway Couloir is one of the last runs that Doug Hall took in the Wasatch before dying in an avalanche while ice climbing in Provo Canyon January 25th, 1997. As the Alta lift ticket said soon thereafter, “We love you Doug Hall & will miss you.”
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