Lisa Falls

RATING:  S4 ***
PITCH:  36–42°
ELEVATIONS: 6,500’ – 11,330’
VERTICAL: 4,830’

One of the longest, most varied, interesting and fun chutes in the Wasatch, as well as being one of the biggest undertakings. The initial 1,700 vertical feet is straight, lined with beautiful rock, a consistent 40°, wide enough for a few independent lines and overall some of the best chute skiing anywhere. You then drop into a roller coaster of aprons, gullies, corkscrews and dips & drops until the run eventually becomes an unskiable creek bed. At this point traverse out to the skier’s left and begin some soul searching bushwhacking until you finally stumble out onto the Little Cottonwood road. A short section of rope is good insurance for lowering over and around obstacles.
The line starts right at the saddle between the two peaks that form “Twin Peaks” (some mixed climbing may be necessary to get there) and is easy to find. The run can be approached either by going up Broad’s Fork on the Big Cottonwood side (longer but safer), booting up Tanner’s and traversing over (recommended) or going straight up the chute itself (shorter and some bushwhacking).
Since it starts so close to the beginning of the canyon and isn’t easily seen from the Little Cottonwood road, Lisa Falls is seldom shown on any of the ski touring maps. This combined with the magnitude of the approach means that few people ever ski this memorable line. You can get a great overall view of it from across the canyon in either the Hogum or Maybird drainages.

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